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Mahesh will come Sankranthi ...

Hyderabad, December 6, ( clarity of the release of robot 2 'release is the subject of damaging Telugu films. Everybody's Target is going to be April 27. All of their planners have now changed. 'Robot 2 ..' does not know when. When we look forward to it, our producers have come to know that there will be no more than a tame waste work. That's why the release of the release dates for the robot 2 did not work. First of all, Mahesh Babu's movie 'Bharat Anu' I woke up. We wanted to release it on April 27. Now, two weeks earlier, the film was planned to be released on April 13th. Mahesh is going to come forward and fear that Rajinikanth is afraid of natives. What's more about Anti Mahesh Fans Mahesh is scared of this race. If not, what does Mahesh do? Mahesh is unable to recover from 'Brahmotsavam' and 'Spider' disasters. It is better to be less than risking at this stage. It is good to release the movie rather than a robot, rather than posting a movie 'Robot 2'. If you can prepare the movie in this date - Maheshde is the first film to hit the coconut cake for Sankranthi. If the robot is fixed on April 27th .. Allu Arjun movie may come in May.

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