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Reactivate again..Venka‌yya naidu

New Delhi, December 22, ( the Union Minister, Venka‌yya naidu was a big duck in Delhi. Whether or not the center of the state was to have any topic, Venka‌yya Vaidya was going through. In the center of the center of the moon Chandrababu, he is seen as a stupid brave and there is no exaggeration in the charm! However, after Venkiah Naidu became Vice President, it is to say that the political affairs are a little distant. TDP also considers that his initiative in dealing with AP in particular will be reduced. Venkiah Naidu should say that they are some of the deficiencies available. However, the same as in the past two years, the initiative of AP Venkayya seems to have increased somewhat. On the second day, the crucial issue of the AP was in the presence of Vice President. Leading TDP leaders met the Vice-President regarding the Kadapa steel factory. CM Ramesh and Somireddy Chandramohan Reddy, along with some leaders, went to Union Minister Birendra Singh. However, Venkayya Naidu took the initiative and called them all his cabin. The Union Minister also responded positively to Kadapa steel factory. In fact, the uncertainty about whether the factory could be set up in Kadapa has existed for some time. There were some positive signs with this meeting. Even before the meeting, Polavaram also had a key meeting in the presence of Venkiah. It can also be seen as a good step. If he takes the key points of the AP, he may call the relevant departments to call his Chamber and discuss it and try to find solutions soon. Some distance from political affairs, signals that he is taking the initiative on state issues ... can be said to be some relief for TDP.

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