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Adilabad, December 08 ( are suspicions that the revenue department's purging program, which the government is supposed to be the most prestigious in the district. While the survey is scheduled to be completed by 31st of this month, the revenue department in 229 revenue villages does not show up. In addition, the state tehsildar committee to hear the Chief Secretary of the state, SPS Singh, has been asked to extend the survey deadline.
Survey to correct a number of errors and then go to the village and publish the final list. The delivery of the winnings to the farmers will become a challenge. So far, only 54 villages have gone to the second and second villages and the survey has been completed and the final list is shown to be done in the pastoral clearing of the land.
The land survey was scheduled to be held on September 15 from the government's purported intention to cash in on the amount of Rs 4,000 acre for farmers from next year. The revenue administration is required to look into the lands belonging to 509 revenue villages in the district and 8,44,986.28 acres of land in 2,01,790 survey numbers. The survey was set up with 34 teams in 18 zones throughout the district. But in the state-level survey, the district administration has been set up in addition to six other teams in addition to intensification of the speed of the survey.
Now the number of teams has reached 53. Tahsildar, Upadhyasidaldar and RI-led teams have so far covered 280 villages in the district. A total of 4,96,589 acres of the revenue villages in this area were 3,35,931 acres of dispute and 1,60,658 acres were identified as controversial. In the survey numbers of these issues, the death of the graduates in the name of land not being transferred to the successors of the land ... the projects under the dalit basti the government bought the land and they are the name of the traders .. the expansion in the area of the hikes .. the occupations and the sale of land .. there.
Name, Address, and Problems in Survey No. 1. The responsibility to modify the errors found on the authorities is becoming a burden beyond the head. With the observation, the authorities now aim to complete their villages in the meantime. How was the land in the villages going first to the surveyed villages? Amendment has been done by farmers and by the village wise to publish and display lists of landlines. So far, the final lists of 3 revenue villages were published. In this count, only 54 villages were able to enter the administration. Within the next 28 days, 229 villages have not yet been visited and the documentation is to be completed.
The expiration of these villages is nearing completion. Once again, there was confusion in revenue that was not known how to go to the final list. This is where the chickens come here. Everyday afternoon to survey the evening .. The editing of file editing online .. The office of the Tahesildar is the only operator and the time that the computer is in the revenue department. They say that half of the mistakes that they have discovered in one day are not getting online. On the other hand, sending the daily reports ... If the progress is not seen, the scandal continues to work till night. In the revenue department, the concept of increasing speed in the survey is mainly expressed by the privately employed by the operators for privately and others online in the zones.

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