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Maya with the Candranna malls ..?

Amaravati, December 08 ( government has been entrusted with the task of entrusting the grocery business to the corporate houses by the name of Chandranna Village Malls. The government has opened a new tactic that will benefit corporates and retail businesses to compensate for the employment of millions of people. With the name of 'Chandranna village malls' completely disposing of public distribution system, at the same time Rs. 72.600 crore business will be given to corporate corporations. All 29,000 ration shops in the state are funded by Reliance, Walmart and 6+ future retail firms in the state and every poor person with a white ration card is also in the mills to buy goods in the future.
Chandrababu's family is part of the 'retail store' in the futures retail business. Today, rice is distributed only through ration shops and people are deeply dissatisfied with it. 'Chandranna Village Malls' was brought to the screen to offer grocery items at a lower price for reducing it. In these malls, not only rice but they are promoting all grocery goods at 10 to 12 percent cheaper than outside market.
It is clear that the main purpose behind it is to give away thousands of grocery businesses to corporates. There are about 1.40 crore white ration cards in the state. According to the current prices, the families below the poverty line also buy rice and rice every month for less than Rs. 2,000 are needed. Only these white ration cards are purchased by the Village Malls every month by the merchandise ... literally Rs. 2,800 crores. There are about 60 lakh middle class families in the state. The monthly budget worth of Rs. Another estimate of Rs 5,000 3, 250 crore business goes into corporate pockets. That is Rs. 6,050 crore per annum The 72,600 crore market is going to be put to the corporate sector by the government. We all have the experience of exploiting corporations.
After disclosing to attract the first one, all these companies will increase their prices under monopoly. The buyers will now become more familiar with the sale of goods at the lowest prices in these village malls now. In the meantime, businesses in the villages and grocery retailers are completely damaged. That ∙ After gradually raising prices in Village Malls, customers will be forced to buy in the malls that are dead.
All the necessary tasks to upgrade the ration shops to provide them with corporate firms are all over the field. Current ration shops are upgraded as Village Malls by Rs 5 lakh. This includes the ration dealer's share of Rs. 1.25 lakhs, Rs. 1.25 lakhs and another Rs. The government has made provisions for this purpose to spend about 2.50 lakh corporate houses. Ration dealer share of Rs. 1.25 lakhs will be the responsibility of the government to lend to the bank through a stamp. As part of this, the government's idea is to create around 6,000 malls under the first phase. The district authorities have been instructed to send details of the ration shops to be set up where the Chandraani village malls would be set up in the first districts under the pilot project. In the orders of the Ration Shops list, with less than 500 under the pilot project from each district,
All kinds of arrangements are being made to buy all the merchandise in Chandranna village malls. According to the government, an estimated 80 per cent of households have not consumed subsidized rice if families with white card in the state are 1.40 crore. So far, the government has been promoting the possibility of making merchandise in the moon mills for the same amount of money to the beneficiaries at rice. That means that the market is going to be moved to those malls. The problem is that the newly introduced Chandranna Village malls will not take action unless the quality of goods is sold to the poor. Because the corporate houses are encouraged by the government, they do not even have to worry about the dealer's sales. For the past three years, the government has distributed five types of products for Sankranthi, Christmas and Ramzan festivals. CM Chandrababu declares that the contractors who supply them will not be able to take action against the officials who cooperate with them.

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