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Karimnagar, December 08 ( gas in the district is misleading. Overriding the supervision of the superiors .. The neglect of the field officers has become a boon for the Akkars .. Higher of subsidized cooking fuel drops .. Subsidy gas is the only way to get rid of the filling of mini cylinders in terms of restrictions. Currently, the subsidy cylinder is Rs 813 while the commercial cylinder is Rs 1471 for the purchase of some mini-cylinder business in the block. The gas exchanges in four kilos of small cylinders will be added to the excess of Rs.
Despite the government's sanction, the subscription continues to many home shops in the district center. Citizens of the Citizenship do not cling to criticism despite the public outrage. The organizers are making allegations that they are trivial. The absence of cases of two years has been indirectly shown to be untraceable. Several of the HomeNews shoppers are selling gas in mini-cylinders, ignoring government regulations, while selling discounted gas to hotels and vehicles. Subsidy and commercial cylinders are purchased in the block.
The mini-cylinder size has been exposed to the burden of recovering organizers. There are hundreds of shops in the district at Ramanagar, Mankammotha, Ganeshnagar, Kothirampur, Mettupalli Road and Court Chowrassa. The situation in Huzurabad, Jammikunta, Timmapur, Manakonduru and Gangadura is the situation where the locals are concerned about the danger of lagging between the residents. It seems to have been neglected by the respective authorities to control and control their irregularities.
Many home shops in district headquarters have become a source of illegal gas cylinders. The small cylinders from Hyderabad are buying and selling here. Hundreds of mini cylinders are selling back hundreds of millions per day. Subsidy gas is priced at Rs 813 and commercial gas price is Rs. 1471. The cables are being sold in secret areas Information about moving to warehouses. Some others are selling the refill in the back of the store. Many of the district's districts are being moved and made a large amount of money. Students coming to the district center from different villages for middle classes, petty publishers, unmarried entrants, and higher education are more likely to use mini cylinders. Accruals are made to meet their needs. The subsidy gas of Rs 813 is being charged in a 3 or 4 cylinder for Rs.
There are criticisms that the authorities are showing negligence in making permanent actions. The use of mini cylinders is no better. Dog. Many gas companies that have been granted government approval are supplied with 5 kg cylinders. People are not interested in using them. Officials are aware that they are aware of this.
It is reported that the mini cylinder merchants are neglected. It was reported that two years ago the department had decided to give a bribe of monthly allowance to keep them out of their jail.

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