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Maruti cars dropped...

New Delhi, December 5, ( automobile giant 'Maruti Suzuki' is launching a new offering for its customers. Selected models cost Rs. 30,000 to Rs. Market sources say up to 40,000 discount. Alto, WagonR, Swift and Ertiga models are expected to be rolled out. The company has already registered record sales this year. Maruti Suzuki is offering a new discount offer for Christmas and New Year gift to its customers. Maruti Alto 800 is priced at Rs. 35,000, Rs. Rs 30,000, on the diesel car The company said it would offer up to 40,000 discounts. Rs. 30 thousand to Rs. Market sources said that up to 40 thousand discounts were announced. Alto, WagonR, Swift, Ertiga, this reduction on vehicles. Maruti Alto 800 is priced at Rs. 35 thousand, Rs. 30 thousand, eighty on diesel vehicle The company said in a statement that the company is offering a discount of up to 40 thousand.

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