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Clarity on the BJP on reservation...

New Delhi, December 5, ( of the higher social groups are aggravating the concerns that education and jobs should be reserved for them. However, the Center has absolutely no clarity in terms of reservation. The Andhra Pradesh government has announced a 5 per cent reservation for the social community, while the Telangana government announced 12 per cent reservation for Muslims. The comments made by Modi are in the Telugu states. Are these bills passed by the Assembly to be materialized? That's what you mean. The concerns raised by the BJP and the Patel in Gujarat, Gujjar, Jhats and Gujrat in Gujarat, have also caused serious tensions. The Kapus movement also led to the devastation of the train in AP. In the Telugu states, the governments announced that 5 per cent of the MPs would be eligible for Kapus and 12 per cent reservation for Muslims in Telangana. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made vital comments on the Gujarat Assembly polls. His comments on reservation are in the Telugu language. For the past few years, the Pattidar Anamat Analitana Samiti, led by Hariduk Patel, wants reservation, but the BJP government in Gujarat has not given priority to their agitation. Even though he said to consider the issue of reservation, he did not think about it. Thus the Congress party has taken on them. They promised to give reservation when they came to power. The Pattyas announced their support to the Congress. The prime minister was referring to the reservation of the Patels. He said the fifty percent limit of the Supreme Court's imposition of reservation in education and jobs can not be crossed. Recently, the Rajasthan government decided to make reservations for Jhats. Some were against the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court, which is investigating the petition, ruled that the reservation should not exceed 50 per cent of the provisions in the Constitution. On the other hand, the Tamil Nadu CMs have decided to cross the 50% reservation limit imposed by the Supreme Court.

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