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pandem kodi in Tamil politics...

Chennai, December 5, ( kodi. Telugu Actor Vishal is busy with Tamil cinema. Made political debut. Young actor Vishal was nominated for the Upkarnagar by-election in Tamil Nadu. He was a freelance candidate. Prior to Nomination, Vishal is celebrating with the flowers of Shiva Ganesan and MG Ramachandran. As a result, Tamil Thambi is not in the election. RK Nagar by-election has now become a challenge for major parties. Wherever you see in China, talk about it. Already 28 nominations have been filed. Madudasudan, nominee of the CPI (M) candidate for the AIADMK, had filed the nomination papers for the party. The party is in the Dinakaran field from the disagreement. Now it is interesting to make Vishal nomination. Vishal is ready to contest 234 seats in the 2021 elections. Tamilnadu Kamal Haasan, Rajinikanth and Vishal are parties where the DMK, PMK, AIADMK and Vijayakant parties are in trouble. Vishal, who is the General Secretary of the Nadigar Sangam, is also working as the President of Tamil Producers Council. It is not a matter of Telugu giving Vishal entry into Tamil politics. Vishal is specializing in the Tamil film industry. Vishal is not actively involved in social activities. While Tamil farmers were concerned, Vishal moved to Delhi and supported the farmers. Arnagan is in the by-election with the death of former Chief Minister Jayalalithaa. The election will be held on December 21. Results will be disclosed on December 24th.

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