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Prosecution under arrest under National Security Act...

Prosecution under arrest under National Security Act...
The Prime Minister is Mam's supporter Asaduddin Owaisi counter

Hyderabad December 12, ( Owaisi, the MIM supremo, has given an unprecedented counterpart to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's remarks that Congress has joined hands with Pakistan to defeat the BJP in general elections in the state. Congress leaders said the allegations made by the Prime Minister were very serious that some were conspiring to defeat the BJP in Gujarat along with Pakistan. OCYC has demanded that the Modi Investigation Agency (NIA) be ordered to investigate if Modi really believes. 'Can the convicts get arrested? And how are you going to look at the Prime Minister? Questioned. Explained that he could order an inquiry with an NIA operated direct supervision. Specific evidence was made under the National Security Act. Prime Minister Narendra Modi accused Pakistan of interfering in the Gujarat Assembly polls on Sunday in an election meeting in Palanpur. Congress leaders in the home of former Union Minister Mani Shankar Aiyar met with Pak officials. Former Foreign Minister Manmohan Singh, former Pakistani Vice-President - former Pakistani High Commissioner to Pakistan Later, I said, This is a very serious topic. The party demanded the answer. Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh strongly responded to Modi's remarks on Prime Minister Narendra Modi's meeting with the Pakistani Secretary of State for the Elections of the Congress and the Congress General Secretary (DGP) Sardar Arshad Rafeeq asking the Gujarat Chief Minister to appoint senior Gujarat Chief Minister Ahmed Patel. Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi has been criticized for fear of defeat in the elections. He reacted strongly. Modi demanded an apology. He has released a letter as a counter to Prime Minister Modi's criticism. Manmohan said that people are aware of their track record in national politics for over fifty years. It is clear that Modi has no right to question his political commitment. "Manmohan is not a person who is responsible for the interests of the country," he said. There was no discussion on the Gujarat elections at the meeting with Pakistani officials. Mani Shankar Aiyar's dinner was just politely that meeting was held. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had asked several questions about Prime Minister Narendra Modi's approach to the issue and said that there was only discussion on Indo-Pakistani relations - many guests - the journalists were there at that time. He was compromised with terrorism, he said. Modi wants to tell why Pakistan has not been invited even after the aggression in Udhampur - Gurdaspur. After Uri's aggression, the Pakistani government was asked how the ISI was allowed into our air base.

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