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Hopefully irrigated!

East Godavari, December 07 ( Minister Chandrababu Water Authority has directed the officials to supply Godavari waters to Kharif. Increasing crop yields and raising money for farmers to ensure that the farmers have plenty of water to take action. The water resources department officials have taken action on the recommendations of the CM. Target reached some extent. The local farmers are hopeful. The first phase of Purushottapatnam lift scheme started in August in the Chief Minister. However, the work has not yet been completed. After the first installment of two motors, the second installment was done to some extent and moved the water to the roof. In the wake of the Kharif season, officials have been focusing on the first phase of Purushottapatnam. Along with this, no one has taken steps to prevent water availability. Five pipelines for the first stage of purulatapatnam have to be laid. But so far only one line is being supplied to supply 700 cusecs of water per day.

In the second phase, only 525 cusecs are pumping. The water currently supplied is in the background. If the Inflow drops substantially to the Godavari, pumping water from the purulent pump can be stopped in one or two days. The Water Resources Department has decided to use the Pallava scheme to water the Polavaram left into the channel. Almost 50 km of LMC is already available with water at full capacity. For the first phase of work, so far eight pumps and three motors reached the headwork. The authorities are already arranging for the civil works to be completed. Besides, four pipelines are to be completed. In the second phase, four of the eight motor scores have been supplied. The Polavaram Left Main Canal Sew recently said that the plan for the first and second phase of purposage for the month of January is to be completed. However, the farmers of East Coast farmers expressed their concern over the efforts of the government and officials to provide irrigation water. Farmers say that if they get more water available the yield can be achieved significantly in the kharif season.

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