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Pattisima eliminated the hardship of farmers...

West Godavari, December 07 ( of tangens of water annually wasted into the ocean. That is why the rival linking of the topic often comes to the fore. Andhra Pradesh CM Chandrababu Naidu succeeded in this process. The rivers of Godavari and Krishna water have taken steps to meet the waters of the river. Another fantastic project Pattasima, who has completed the special attention of the Chief Minister. Thousands of acres land has been cultivated with this lubrication scheme. Farmers cultivated Rs. In West Bengal's Dengtur constituency, cultivation is in high ranges. In this area 60 thousand acres are paddy. Farmers cultivated rice crop in 60 thousand acres of land in this constituency with water through the Patiyasam lift scheme. The Dindulau, Pidavegi, Peppadu and Eluru rural areas come under the control of Krishna Aai. Around 54 thousand acres will be cultivated by the Krishna waters. For the past three years water or farmers have been dependent on pacific water. Land under ponds and flood water canals are also cultivated with compacted water and have good yields. Farmers, who were cultivated based on the Krishna water in the past, have suffered many hardships. By the time there are irrigated crops and dried up events. Due to the delayed harvesting, the storms would be damaged. Farmers suffered losses.

Pataisea's arrival has opened up all the difficulties of the farmers. Rice and horticulture crops also provide water. Most farmers did not bore out for five months. It is easy to understand how abundant water is. Farmers say water is not bothering for another two months with water in the ponds. In the Krishna Delta, the first year, the farmers who are looking for water or drying crops can be said to have gone to the pose. The water scheme is to save the rice crop of 8.5 lakh acres in 2015 by 4.20 tmcs. Water availability has saved over Rs 2,500 crore crops. Overall, water security for 13 lakh acres in Krishna Delta With fertilizers in fertile alluvial crops in Godavari waters, farmers have reduced fertilizers and increased crop yields. Farmers have grown from 40 bags to 50 bags per acre. In the Polavaram constituency of West Godavari district, 6,572 acres were distributed through 0.2038 TMCs, 3268 acres by 0.7466 tmns in Gopalapuram constituency, 1600 acres by 0.4641 tmcs in Enggathur constituency and 16,510 acres of water from 2,714 tmns in Dendulaur constituency. In crops, the crops are well drained. Hence the horn is coming up in the district farmers. Thanks to the Chief Minister Chandrababu, they have been applauded for giving me irrigation and irrigation through Pattima.

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