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2G scam mad by everyone

Hyderabad December 22 (, the daughter of the most prominent DMK chief, Kanimozhi, who has been the main accused in the 2G scam case over the past six years, has been chalked out by the former telecom ministerial czars. The CBI special court dismissed both of them as failing to prove their allegations. Large number of disagreements arise in this judgment. The latest ruling has become stronger for the Congress party. Former prime minister Manmohan Singh, who responded immediately after the verdict, had nothing to do with his government's decision, alleging that he had damaged their image by making false allegations. Will the rest do not speak after Manmohan Singh reacts as he does not react much after what happened? That's why they respond. Overall, the opinion that the CBI ruling has become a huge gun. Government-led criminal investigation - Investigation firms are sometimes in accordance with their governments' ideology - directions. Every time they do not think they can act as a nicer. Political inspired hearings are also happening. Now there are such suspicions in the 2G scam. However, the question of corruption in the Congress regime was also under investigation. In fact, the Supreme Court had canceled the 2G spectrum allocation, but the prosecution proceeded. However, it is the key point of the court to declare all the accused guilty of being guilty. What is the surprise of anyone suspected of whether the CBI is politically motivated and can not collect evidence? The social media is on the horizon of 2G scam. Everyone is joking about this. In January 2015, the Union Finance Minister came and met the Vishallalitha .. After that, the Karnataka High Court had dismissed cases against Jayalalithaa in November 2017, when Modi came and went to Karunanidhi .. All 2 jeeps were found guilty of some jokes.

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