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TTD 2018 calendars, diaries booking opportunity.

Thirumala, December 08 ( EO Sri Anil Kumar Singhal said that TTD had been able to book the prestigious calendars and diaries for the first time by devotees online. The online booking eve of 2018 calendars and diaries were set up at ETO office in TTD administration building in Tirupati.
Speaking on the occasion, EO said that TTD Information Centers across the country have already made calendars and diaries available in major cities. Many people have been booked online at the request of the devotees. TTDcalendars and diaries were booked online and distributed to the relatives and friends of the postal service as a New Year gift. Devotees can click on "Publications" on the website and order a debit card and credit card. The postal department has taken steps to reach calendars and diaries in a fixed period. Ero said that millions of devotees should take advantage of this opportunity to pay taxes on the MRP and the postal charges for adding calendar and diaries.

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