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Flights to Mumbai from January 15

Vijayawada, December 8, ( India (AAI) has been focusing on connecting the country's financial capital to Nawaz. The new service from Gannavaram to Mumbai will begin from January 15. The service from Hyderabad to Mumbai will be extended till a grave. Officials and Air India staffers say that the full service will be provided directly to Mumbai from here. Earlier, the Delhi-Hyderabad flight was also introduced to Hyderabad. The Direct Flint is followed by ... With the launch of Mumbai's flight service, these services are also useful for non-business sectors and those who go abroad. Those who have come from Vijayawada from abroad are either in Hyderabad or in Mumbai and then from Hyderabad to Hyderabad and come to Vijayawada. It is very embarrassing ... Gwalior airport also has to come down in Mumbai and come back to Hyderabad and enter Vijayawada ... Soon letters from business associations have been sent to the Civil Aviation Ministry to set up services from Mumbai to Mumbai. The second largest airport in Mumbai is Mumbai Since then, easily reach any country in the world The connectivity is the unenduku them. Most of the international services currently coming to Hyderabad come late into the night. From there we have to wait for the morning to come to Vijayawada. If the services of Mumbai are set up, this is not a problem. From here, you can go to Air India service and get the services that run abroad from Mumbai. Tickets can also be taken directly. Thus, any country, including Japan and Dubai, is directly coming from Vijayawada. The way to get away without waste time.

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