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Biks factory in Bejawada...

Vijayawada, December 8, ( bikes manufacturing factory is coming up in Vijayawada suburb of Vijayawada in the Navodhya capital area ... All the Ramani and Chandni Chhattisani couple of Chandana family of Andhra Pradesh's state-owned textile business company Chanda Karp have created a company called 'Avera' to make battery bikes and scooters The first phase of this industry is to take place at a cost of Rs 200 crore Vijayawada is in the suburbs ... to select an investment of Rs 50 crore, the company will be around 63 acres. .
Next week, the company is going to have MVU with the state government. The lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries used in e-bikes are imported from the overseas market by Bosch. 60 percent of the equipment is made locally. The key chips in e-bikal are to be made in the electronic clusters of Anantapur and Chittor, South Korea. Chambers Karp hopes to start production of the industry by March and April next year. The company has been using the latest lithium iron phosphate battery in 'Awaya' two-wheeler and can get 250km of mileage by hourly charging by electric motor technology. Even though the cost of e-bikes is higher, the Central and State Governments will pay the price of ordinary bikes with the subsidies paid by them. The scooter manufactured by the company is priced at Rs 2.50 lakh, while the discounted price of Rs 70 is Rs. 5,000 and sports bike is Rs 5 lakh.

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