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Will be up to the problem:Pavan Kalyan

Vijayawada, December 8, ( Kalyan demanded justice for Fatima college students. Pavan was assured of the Fatima medical college students, who said they would lead the movement if they did not get justice for the students due to the lack of justice. And you can not be afraid of the fear of Jansena. Pavan's Phatima medical college students, who are traveling in Vijayawada on Friday, Expressed concerns. Pavan said, "Is it not wrong for students who do not make mistakes and punish students for college mistakes? Questioned. Assured that the problem will be solved and will be up to the problem solving.

He said he would speak to the students on the issues of the students and that the students would have justice. He said he did not hesitate to see if the future of the students was destroyed, and if necessary, to lead the student movement. Pavan promised to distress students who would do justice within a week. Pavan has also criticized the state government for Fatima College. Water was grazed by the state but the fatwa said that the students should not retire for justice. When Fatima College was wrong, she questioned the students' play with the future without punishing her ownership.

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