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Everything is good for Janmabhumi

Vijayawada, December 30, (
The fifth installment will be held from January 2 to 11. The AP Government will discuss in the Janmabhumi what to do 2022, 2029 and 2050 by the Chandrababu Government.

Every day different programs are going to happen. On the tenth day, Vision will be held on Swarnadhar Pradesh. It is not just that ... we will talk to people about

what to do by 2050, CM Chandrababu said. Annadal Hari program will be held on the day. Martial arts, and other competitions. The government will lend to two lakh

people in January. In the villages, kabaddi, bilankallodu, koko and other competitions will be held. The decision was made to share all those in the towns.
Welfare-Sat on January 2
Swachandra Pradesh on 4th
Education-development on 5th
6 Infrastructure
7 natural resources-development
Development of Agriculture and Allied sectors on 8th
9 Good Governance and Technology Consumption
Vision on 10th is a victory over the Swarnadharashtra-Poverty
Ananda Lahiri shows on 11th

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