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Robo Police in Hyderabad

Hyderabad, December 30, ( Take the note. Complaints are heard. I know how to help you. Identifies suspects and bombs. All this is something new .... I do not like Rajinikanth's film like robot like robot ... These are soon coming up on Hyderabad roads. In the new year, people will work with the police for protection. The new year's prize will be rolled out at the Robb Police Task Force in Hyderabad. The robot police will be in charge of the Jubilee Hills check post, which is the busiest place in the city and the IT corridor. HOT BOATS Robotics Company, which started as a startup company in Tea Hub in the city known as Startup City, is the robot police robot who is moving on wheels in Dubai, and the Hyderabad Police robot has been designed to run on the legs. HOT bot delegates Kishan explorer, Anirudh said, "This is the second police robot in the world and it's made with full indigenous knowledge. Since December 31, the Jubilee Hills check posts have been set up to create robot police and step up all areas by step-by-step. In the lab set up in Hyderabad, it is possible to make 10 robots every year. IT secretary Jayesh Ranjan will launch a robot and will be handed over to the city police.

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