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5 lakhs birthday on January 1

Bangalore, December 29, ( Mayor Sampath Raj made an interesting announcement. He announced that he will donate Rs 5 lakh reward from the Bangalore Metropolitan Palace to the newborn girl on the first day of the new year. The announcement was made to the people of the New Year during this year's announcement. He announced that it was possible for children born on the date of January 1, 2018. However, there are some conditions here. This is not the case for infants born in private hospitals. Prior to the private hospital there is a prize money of these five lakh rupees for the birth of children in government hospitals within the city. The condition is also a natural condition. Mayor said that the birthday of the new born baby will be Rs 5 lakh from Bibiampi. Meyer explained that this gift was announced to reduce the resistance of some parents on girls' births. Many girls are born, but BBMP will give this gift to all of them.

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