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Amaravati, December 18 ( and municipalities have made additional payments to equipment purchases that are used for garbage cleaning and have been in violation of mechanisms. The city and municipalities have been subject to the provisions of these purchases. There are 9 municipal and municipal corporations in the capital districts of Guntur and 13 in Krishna. The municipal and municipal corporations in these two districts are willing to buy a machine and equipment worth Rs.3 crore to clean and waste solid waste.
 Already some of the papers have received the equipment and some more indented. The fees required for these devices will be provided to the Swayamdadra Corporation for the purpose of providing education. Does not we have money? That some municipalities in both the districts have been particularly vulnerable to fodder purchases.
 On May 25 this year, a letter to the Chief Engineer of Swanthanthrakra Corporation said, "The Guntur-based company is supplying it to the nomination price. Each letter in this letter will give Rs 11,650. The letter to all municipal and municipal corporates in the state would be distributed to Rs.11,650 for the tender participants called the Ponnur municipality. The tender was supplied to the tire to give each coffer a much lesser than the nomination price.
 On the one hand, the Swamyandhra corporation has been asked to supply Rs.11,650 to the nominee, while on the other hand it has provided the same booth with the same tariffs in tender. It is not the cities and towns in the two districts already based on the letter submitted to the Swami Corporation. Some of these two districts still did not buy them. If these communities are alerted and purchased through tenders, each instrument gets less than Rs.9,000. To some extent, the economy will save some money. The municipal superintendents need to be alerted in this regard.
The Guntur Municipal Corporation has done transparency in this regard. The letter from Swachandrakra Corporation did not buy a blindly nominal price. The tenders have been invited for the purchase of Guntur Urban Purchase that the tender will not be damaged by quotation or quotation by the rules. A company that wrote a letter to the Swanthamrhadra Corporation said it would supply a fisherman to Rs 11,650. The tenders called on the tender to deduct if the price was on the basis of the tender and the lower the price.
Five merchants were competing. The tender was awarded to a 23.66 per cent lace with the standards of Kadapa's Everest Agents, a voluntary corporation. The Guntur Municipal Corporation was given Rs 8,893.61 per tender. There are allegations of misuse of money to the extent that the tenders like the city and the city have been purchased at Rs 11,650 per month. Guntur and Ponnur municipal councils also tend to call the tenders and buy them at a very cheap cost. The Purandradra Corporation sent the letter to the municipalities.
However, it was not clear how to buy them, so they called on them to tender and bought them on a paddy booth, "said the sources in the Guntur Municipality and Ponnur municipality. Guntur city has taken over 200 townships. Engineering sources said that the company had purchased 5.51 lakh rupees by buying and selling the tires. The Swadhandra Corporation is responsible for the cost of buying this equipment.

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