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Hyderabad, December 16, ( the movie makers believe that it is time to get rid of those beliefs, if the films that have a good craze on the television screen and put them in the movies. Prabhun Sattar believes that Jabbarthat Rashmi is the 'Guntur Talkies' and it seems that many people will come to the cinemas to bring crazy anchors to the movies. Rasheem has come up with a lot of movies to come and go.It's not just Rashmi, but also another crazy anchor rashman. This is the story of the film 'Family Katha Chitram'. The love story is hitting ... the title of the title in reverse. The creativity is used here but in the story and stories, the makers have not done any work in this film. Yesterday on Friday more than a dozen movies were released. Nobody cared about the rest of the movies. Nobody cared about this movie too. Sreemukhi plays the craze for the film and wants to make sure that such filings do not appear. Ankkar's crazy ness movies hittu kavu .. Katha, the story of the story is once again tells the story of this family story.

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