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Bhudanda in the CM's own district...

Chittoor, December 18 ( Minister Chandrababu Naidu Aharunis is working hard to develop the state of Navodhya. He is the ultimate target of every poor person joining the government. Leaders and activists do not have the ambition. These are his hard work. Acting on the government. Recently, a ruling party leader has been found absurd in Kuppam constituency, which represents the chief minister of the state.
The ruling party leaders pushed the poor land to the market. Improvement has been made unfair. Now the layout is ready to be sold and sold for three times. With the farmers blocking it as an injustice to them, the matter came to light. 'Give us a nominal price for growth and do business now?' Congress leaders supported them. The ruling party leaders were forced to step down. At present, efforts are being made to deal with the affected farmers. This is the land dealing with the market leader in Thambiganipalle near Kuppam.
Such value is going on ... The reason for this is that the leader of the Teddapada had previously lured the revenue officers and sowed six farmers in the village in the name of his family. The victims went to the Chief Minister's attention and informed him about the incident. However, one of the major leaders of his illegitimacy seems to be behind the scenes.
The TDP had planned to build a market in the pile while in power in the past. Notification has been issued for 8.24 acres of land. In this case, the mudra is settlement land and the rest is deity. Daketi rails were given a nominal price for the marketers. Farmers from settled land demanded a market price. The court was approached. Subsequently, the muds were placed in the blacklist of the Sabrijitar office and then stopped the sale. No one was oblivious to the fact that TEDAPA was not in power. After coming to power again in 2014, Deekti completed over a period of time and completed the market structure.
Even the Chief Minister Chandrababu has initiated this, but the ruling party leader is over the remaining muds. He tried to persuade the farmers to work with his people. "We are in power. Your land is removed from the blacklist. Sell us just as much as he has given to the marketplace. " Acres purchased two-thirds of Rs 40 lakh each. Another farmer refused to sell the farmer.
He has been removed from the blacklist six months ago using his influence. Registration made. He is now ready to sell and sell the land. It's nice to stay next to the national highway. Acquired Acre for Rs 40 lakh, he earned nearly three times the amount of Rs 1.14 crore. He sold one acre. This led him to redeem the farmers who bought him. Land can not be sold .. Used only for market managers.

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