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Telugu film industry of Amravati

Telugu film industry of Amravati
5,000 acres land near the capital

Amaravati December 26 ( government initiated efforts to bring the Telugu film industry to the AP. The CRDA proposals have been prepared for this. The studio will be constructed at 20-30 acres in the proposed site. The government announced that a plot of Rs 50 lakh would be given to farmers for the construction of the studio. The information that the government has decided to give cash incentives to repay a certain amount of production costs for the films produced here. Ananthavaram, the capital of the capital, is preparing a media city at 5,167 acres near the Sri Venkateswara Swamy Temple. The government has already intended to attract bids and promotions with Bollywood and Tollywood celebrities, as well as plans to give the film a license through a single window. The government aims at bringing media houses to the capital in the first phase, and in the second phase, between 2021 and 2036, the film has decided to organize a film festival. The CRDA sources say that a studio will be built at the international level. The government has invited invitations to the Telugu film industry to discuss the construction of the film with Bollywood actor Ajay Devkat and Subhash Ghai.

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