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Congress President Rahul Gandhi unanimously selected as the President...

New Delhi December 11 ( President Rahul Gandhi was unanimously elected. On 16th of this month, he will be taking charge from Sonia Gandhi. Rahul was the only nominee for the post of President, and his election was unanimous after the nomination withdrawal expired at 3 pm this afternoon. After 19 years, the Congress party will change hands from generation to generation. Rahul Gandhi is the fifth man in the Gandhi-Nehru family. Rahul Gandhi made his debut in live politics in 2004. After 13 years of politics he is sitting on the presidential palace. At present, he is a member of the Amethi constituency and the Congress vice president. Since 2013, Rahul has been vice president of the Congress party. Sonia Gandhi is the longest serving president of India. Rahul's election was announced by Mundapalli Ramachandran, chairman of the Congress Central Election Authority. You have received 9 nominations from a candidate name. There is no contest for Rahul. That is why he is the Congress president. Ramachandran said that Rahul will be officially inducted into the AICC headquarters on the 16th of this month. As Rahul was elected president, activists were shooting at AICC office and celebrating sweets.

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