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India is ranked 109th on the mobile internet speed...

New Delhi December 11 ( terms of internationally, India has a very low rank in mobile Internet speed. According to the Internet Speed Testing website Oakla, India ranks 109th on the Internet at the moment of mobile internet penetration. It is 76th in the fixed broadband. The average mobile download speed was 7.65 mm in the country by early 2017. At the end of the day, the speed has reached 8.80 mbps. The fixed internet speed has increased from 12.12 mm to 18.82 mm. Oaklaw revealed that the speed of internet in the country is increasing day by day. Norway is the world's leading mobile internet speed. The average mobile internet speed here is 62.66 mm. Singapore topped the list with 153.85 Mbps speed at the fastest broadband speed.

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