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Changing politics in Tamil Nadu

( Dr. Radhakrishnan Nagar's sub-election result be a big shift in Tamil politics? Did the Chief Minister E.Palaniswamy, the Deputy Chief Minister O. Panneerselvam, lead the AIADMK government? Did the DMK looming in the mood to come back to power in the backdrop of AIADMK? The BJP and the Congress are confused? Is the RK Nagar Voter Judgment Limited or the Reflection of the Mood of Tamil People? Has her political legacy been given to the one who won the seat represented by the former Chief Minister and AIADMK supremo Jayalalithaa? These are the arguments today. But the Assembly polls are not in the near future, so now there is no chance of getting answers. However, it was a sensation that AIADMK's disgruntled leader, Titivi Dinakaran, won the Independent Independent candidate with a huge margin. The jailing of Jayalalithaa last year was her jail sentence in the case of her assets, which was subsequently dominated by the Sasikala Party and the government, and the subsequent BJP leadership, , Main Dinakaran, who was appointed as Shashikala Deputy Chief Secretary with Rashtriya Vidyarthi, was forced to resign from the post of Chief Minister, demanding that 18 MLAs demand Dinakaran's leadership, dismissal of the Speaker against the Prevention of Resistance Act, the High Court staying and the 'Randhakas'Tamilnadu AIADMK politics are in uncertainty. The Election Commission has postponed the RK Nagar constituency, which is due to be followed by the era of political parties, because the political parties are lazy. This time, too, the election has been conducted with strict arrangements for money distribution. Dinakaran, who bagged 77.5 per cent votes, bagged 89,013 votes with a margin of 40,707 votes against the AIADMK candidate. The DMK, which built the opposition unity, lost deposit with only 24,651 votes. Congress alone contested 18,060 votes while the BJP contested 1,417 votes. Jayalalithaa won 97,218 votes in the Assembly polls in 2016 while the rival DMK candidate got 57,673 votes. Despite the support of the Opposition, when the polling is taking place, the 2G case verdict has been eroded by the anti-corruption seal of the DMK. Dinakaran, competing for the 'Mother' heritage of the ruling ADMK, will have to be seen by the electorate primarily by the Jayalalithaa. The BJP is now confused with the willingness of the AIADMK and the grouping for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. The DMK is suspected to be in the UPA. The Congress may not have another way to go without appeasing the DMK. That is why RK Nagar voters are not ruling party but it is unlikely that all parties are flipping. We have chosen the true AIADMK ... ..RK Nagar people have chosen the grandmother's name from the Bangalore prison. Will Dinakaran's prophecy that the EPSPSPS will fall in three months? Even if the government is in session, the results of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections will be determined by the AIADMK. The 1989 Assembly polls show that the MGR is a real successor Jayalalithaa

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