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Fighting in the BJP

Vijayawada, December 26, ( Pradesh BJP leaders split into categories. Whoever pushes for the party presidency. Vishakha MP Kambhampatti Hari Babu is the presiding head. Some of the criticisms of CM Chandrababu are some of them .. TDP is a favored group and the middle class is the third category. Krabhampatti Haribabu, Kamineni Srinivasa Rao, Manikala Rao and others are in the category of chandrababu. The Somaru Veera Raju category is at the forefront of those who criticize Chandrababu. Their aim is to criticize each task done by TDP. They are willing to admit to doing good work. Pandadeshwari, Kavuri Sambasiva Rao, Kanna Laxmanarayana and Vishnu Kumar Raju are among the other members of the chandrababu. Gokaraju Gangaru comes into the same category. The BJP split into three categories as a whole. Amit Shah has already signaled that he will be purged in the AP party so that the Gujarat elections are over. That's why they are trying their best to get a presidential post. Rather than the idea of putting the Pandhaswari in the seat .. Trying to bring Manikala Rao as the way to the middle, he says. The result is that the new ones are coming to the screen or the other in the chair of the chair. BJP leaders have criticized TDP for wrongdoing in Polavaram. The center is enjoying it ... their argument is that the TDP is going to be criticized. The comments of Somai Veerraju, the BJP leader, have said that the decision to decide the CP in the coming days is a matter of concern. It is true that the BJP does not have the capacity to contest and not contest. Either or not .. tomorrow should be tapped with the teppi. That is why the agenda of the aggression is not in the party leaders.

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