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Inka sarvadaraananiki slats...

Thirumala December 8, ( devotees of the devotees awaiting hours in the queens for the Tirumala Sri Venkateswara Swamy Visa are suffering. The TTD is trying to make Swami's vision of not more than 2 hours for devotees to introduce a slot system. The TTD officers are working on the implementation of the slot policy on December 10 and 12. From 22 thousand to 38 thousand devotees are preparing for all token token. The TUKs have been set up to issue the tokens by 150 counters in 21 areas. A token received by the devotee is not likely to get a token for another 48 hours. The TTD is preparing to implement the new policy from February. The devotees who wait in the compartments without a token are also allowed to look at. Toggles are already issued to 38 thousand people, including the regular entry of the entrance hall and the pilgrims. If the slot system comes into effect, Sreevari's visibility will be easily available to all devotees, according to TTD officials.

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