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Bhavani initiation to retire from 10.

Vijayawada, December 7, ( jumped to another spiritual ceremony. Officials are getting bigger arrangements for Bhavani Malala's retirement. From 10 to 14, Bhavnis Amma will be discharged with the blessings of this year ... This year there are about six lakh Bhavani to come ... There are about seven crore rupees spent on special arrangements. It is said that these arrangements will be made to Bhavani devotees from the time of Bejawada. Millions of pilgrims take part in Telangana and Tamil Nadu states not only in Andhra Pradesh state but every year. The nine days are 21 days and 45 days in the course of their performance. Where are the Bhavani whites? The officers will decide for a special mahout and make special arrangements for Bhavani on those dates ... But any Bhavani in the initiation will reach the beacon and giripirikka ... starting from Indrakeeladhi Ghat road to Kulamimapalemu and Swaranangam by entrance into one town. From there you will reach Krishnanadhi through the Brahmin ... Come here and bathe in the river Krishna. After that, the Mahamandam is presented in the Homagandas formed by the two sides. In this regard, temple authorities coordinate with other departments and make special arrangements. The temple has already completed all the arrangements and the special staff has also reached the temple Ivo Suryakumari said ... About 6 lakh Bhavani is expected to come this year. There are about two and a half million people on 14th day. On the other hand, the Government is making arrangements to pay Rs seven crore in relation to Bhawan's resignation. Special kulines have been prepared from Vinayaka Temple at Canal Road ... These arrangements were already supervised by police, fire and revenue officials. Security is taking care of the devotees who are discussing temple officials. Police officials said that the festivals in the previous festivals were not repeated, but the authorities were making huge arrangements for Bhavani initiatives ... But the online registration of the temple authorities was only seven thousand ...

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