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Scam ticketing scams in Thirumala

Thirumala, December 7, ( controversy is the Temple of the Corruption Tribity. Yes, why are you making decisions about it in the middle of this period? No decision is made ... something is controversial. That's why they are getting bigger criticism. They wanted to get out of these problems ... but they were focused on the fear of the devotees. There are no arrangements for the devotees who are devoted to devotees around the kelte kulines without being restricted to AC rooms. A huge scandal erupted during this time. Everyone is shocked. The TDD's top officials also complained about this. What happened? The number of devotees who booked the special entrance ticket for 300 tirms online in the ticket to visit Tirumala Sriwari is increasing day by day. On August 20, 2014, the TET was first introduced for online entry ticket tickets for more visually transparent travel tickets. Apart from the devotees in our country so far, foreigners and non-resident Indians have booked and booked tickets online for over a million people from 120 countries around the world. By crossing the strings, we followed our culture and traditions and visited Thirumala Venkanna and paid for it. The TTD is simplifying the online booking process in a phased manner to facilitate the devotees coming from different areas. Initially, all the family members had to upload the pictures, then the first person uploaded the photo and provided the details of the identity card details of the other members. Similarly, only six people in the past could be booked. But now that the popularity of the devotees is increasing day by day, it is possible to book up to ten at the time of the last Ego Sambasiva Rao. Devotees must have to bring the identity cards that are included in booking tickets online. With special entry entry tickets available, Indians and foreigners, along with foreigners and foreigners, have also booked a substantial plan and have come to Thirumala directly to visit Swamy. The special entrance view complex consists of ticket scanning and luggage deposit counters, drinking water, t, coffee, milk and tiranamana. Nearly 18 to 20 thousand tickets are available online for all time and there are opportunities to get more tickets in the future online. It is up to here. These 300 rupees, the ticketing, is a very good practice for the devotees to feel that it is the latest scam in the same ticket. Prasad Dayanand Bagat of Maha state has sold tickets for Mumbai's 192 devotees who have made fake tickets like untold Tatke online tickets. When the devotees who came to Tirumala to go to the kulines, they were scanning the ticketing by the devotees. But they did not scan. A total of 192 people have scanned the tickets at the scan, but no ticks are scanned. This is why they are ticking queues of the tickey queen. Soon the TDD had informed the superiors. Up to 300 rupees on the end of the day, the dancers who approached the visa, inquired the ticket and became fake. They have been booked by the devotees who took those tickets and questioned them ... booked by Maharaja Prashant Dayanand Bagat of Maharashtra. A total of lakhs of rupees were taken from the devotees and booked by devotees said. This is the great state man who has booked tickets of 300 rupees for these devotees for the past four years. That is why the TTD has been cheating on the last 4 years ... fake ticketing to devotees ... if sold, how many devotees are sold to devotees. The TTD vigilance probe was speeding up to the extent of the damage to the TTD. The TADI, which has been brought to the Criminal Court, has already been detained by police. They say it is going to take a full inquiry into how much Tiketal goal mall happened. Besides making a fake ticket, the Bharti Code is also printed as Same Original and selling to the devotees. It was identified as a challenge to the TTD. In future, TTC will take more care in online ticket allocation.

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