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11Na Rahul pattabhishekam...

New Delhi, December 7, ( field was ready to announce Rahul Gandhi as the president of AICC. The withdrawal of nominations for AICC president will expire on April 10. Rahul's nomination is the same, he will be announced unanimously on 11th. The Congress Working Committee meeting will be headed by the new president soon after the Gujarat elections. AICC plenary date will be decided at the meeting. Notices are issued before the month prior to the plenary. Rahul's election in the plenary is formally announced. The CWG elections will be held on this occasion. Ten of the 20 people in this committee are nominated. The AICC delegates elect the other. Party sources said Rahul, who is going to take up new responsibilities for the party's refreshment. It seems that after the Sankranti, the PCCs and the DCCs will be reorganized at the level of states. Many PCCs have become dull and numbered with internal conflicts and the AICC has also been institutionalized after the 2014 elections, party sources said. Rahul, along with some leaders who met him, complained that Sonia did not go to Madam. There are many PCCs in the absence of knowing what to do.
In the past, the party thinks that the situation will change now. Rahul is the leader who can address issues including democratically and inclusive. With effective decision making, information is likely to provide more freedom to the state sector. It is expected that the senior leaders will be in the best position at the same time. The party sources said Rahul would move the party unitedly by encouraging the young leaders and giving them a suitable place for seniors. Sonia Gandhi, who is leaving the AICC, is expected to take over the UPA's presidency. Participants said that they would work hard to strengthen the alliance and negotiate regularly with the Parties.

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