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Another new party in Telangana politics

Another new party in Telangana politics
Discussions, goals, discussions on party building

Hyderabad December 25 ( another party coming to Telangana state politics. The Telangana movement and the TJAC chairman Professor M Kodandaram will be able to announce the party in the coming month. In the first week of January, the assembly constituency will be taken as a unit and the party will focus on the building of the villagers, "JAC leaders said. After that, the village, mandal and constituency committees have been targeted. Then the TACAC core committee members will discuss and discuss the party structure, objectives, rules and regulations. All the views will be taken into consideration and the party will be announced later. There is currently talk of what is going on to name a new party coming to Telangana. Many people feel that the Telangana Jan Samiti (TJS) is good. The Telangana Sama Samithi is also the subject of the debate. But now the name has not yet been finalized. During the Telangana movement, the Kodandaram movement has worked with TRS. However, the differences between the two have become the KCRR. The hill ram was once again made up for the unemployed Kizir rule kandadadaramaramaramam was not ruled in accordance with the wishes of the people.

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