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New Year between restrictions

Hyderabad, December 25, ( old year's farewell, the new year anniversary of the new year celebration of the police. During the celebration, special attention is paid to breaking brakes for the youth of the psyche.
High authorities have issued special orders to all police stations, with the possibility that the celebrations will be held in the three commissionerates of the city. The staff have been advised by the staff on how to handle the precautionary measures to prevent accidents. Traffic, civil police and other police personnel have been deployed. The venue is taking place in police stations. How many people are going to attend them? This topic was taken seriously because of the possibility of using drugs during the celebration. The cases will be registered under the strict rules that identify and use any of the restricted modules that violate the provisions. Pranking alcohol, amongst the music that shakes all over the body, warns the youth will not move in the hedgehogs. The New Year's Eve organizers have ordered the police to take permission. According to the rules, the celebrations will have to be completed by 8 o'clock and a half hour late at night. Deeja Sounds can not do things that are difficult for others. Noise should be taken to avoid 45 decibels. Fireworks are banned as part of celebrations. Videos should be drawn up from the start of the celebration to the Commissionerates within 1 and 2. Drinking and driving on all the roads in the city without spilling the tragedies will be done. Cases of drunken driving vehicles are registered and vehicles are captured. They will then conduct counseling in the presence of family members and introduce before the judge. The judges will be punished on the number of flyovers in the city during the New Year's Eve. Traversing the flyovers and throwing bottles and other ingredients are not destined to occur. This means motorists have to enter through alternative routes. These rules will last from 31st to 1st January to 5am. Besides, the police are conducting checkpoints in every chorea. Beat constables and patrol vehicles will be conducting patrols without collapse in colonies and bastis. The police said that if parties conduct the battles and others in the colonies, they will register cases and take action against them.

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