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Air India will be selling the fleet ...

Mumbai, December 7, ( Minister Jayant Sinha said, "Air India's domestic and international flights will be sold at the same time. As part of the debt-laden Air India renewal efforts, the government is strategically seeking to withdraw investments. "The domestic and international flights will be sold simultaneously to ensure auction process," Civil Aviation Minister Jane Sinha said. Speaking on investment disinvestment, he said, "We are trying to find out which subsidiaries of Air India are to be sold separately. Air India's debt is Rs. Sinha said that IndiGo had an interest in Air India's disinvestment and had been interested in Tata. Indigo is only interested in Air India and has officially come to the Civil Aviation Ministry. He also said that Turkish company Selebi has expressed interest in the Bird Group, which provides ground services for Air India Air Transport Services Limited (AIATL).

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