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Metro Rail Bumper Offer.

Hyderabad, December 7, ( Metro Rail is the good news for the Bhagyanagar residents who enjoy the metro tour. Smart card holders have officially announced a subsidy of up to 10 per cent on the ticket price up to March 31 next year. Besides, Smart Card Recharge through PATM is Rs. 20 cash backs. Smart cards are being encouraged to cope with congestion in metro stations. These can be recharged through teaswari, pt.m. and HMR passenger websites. Metro trains are running from 6 am to 10 pm. The first train in Miyapur, Nagol and Ameerpet starts at six o'clock. The last train is at the station at 10 o'clock. Miaipur-Ameerpet runs a metro train every 8 minutes. El-Metro Rail said the train was running at 16 minutes between Nagol-Amirpet and the Metro services on November 28, when the Prime Minister's hands were opened. Metro is a huge response from the city's inhabitants. On the first day, nearly two lakh people enjoyed the Metro tour.

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