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They are either flirting or laughing ,Chicken traders.

Kamareddy, November 27, ( selling has been reduced due to the cancellation of adults. Karimnagar district has about 250 chicken centers. They sell at least 70 to 50 kg of chicken meat per day in each centerTraders are currently unable to sell twenty kilos a day. They are either business or difficult. In the absence of sales in the centers, they are buying plots from farmsPersonnel are lacking. Those who have earned at least three hundred everyday can not afford the difficulties of the day. The chick is particularly important in the poultry industry. If the chick is available, it is a farmerHe earns profit. The prominent companies making chicks have doubled the price. A day after days ago, the company distributed a chick of Rs. LocallyFoultry farmers in the district are either buying or selling from the capital's suburbs. The burden on each chicken fell to twenty rupees. That is ten to kiloRupee rose. Farmers want the government to regulate the companies that make up the chickens.Are. With the increase of the chick price from 18 to 38 rupees, each farmer with a 5,000 farm has increased the burden of Rs 1 lakh. In addition, soya and maize can be tied Feeding also increased in the market. Rice and coal prices used for farm management have increased. If they are not available, then they can buy or buy more money after raising their money Losing farmers In fact, the chicken is sold for 40 days when the chicken is sold. But at current circumstances they are at least 50 days to sell them, and the cost to raise the chickens They say they are growing more. The farmers' farmers are selling and selling at the retail market because of the fall in sales. Paper price of Rs. 85 70 kilojweek supplies Being. Traders are reported to be hampered by the termination of the elderly.

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