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Nizamabad, November 27, ( ban on the elderly has a serious effect on farmers. With the dissolution of Rs.500 and Rs.1000 notes, the common people, employees and traders are already struggling.The farmers have been enthusiastic about the cultivation of yakshi crops this time with rainy rains in the past. Plans for cultivation of crops are ready and ready for loan ,Banks do not have loans to farmers. In view of the farmers' problems, the central government has said that up to Rs 25,000 can be taken. Farmers cultivate crops in acre land ,At least 40 rupees will be spent to pay Rs 25,000 from banks. For the cultivation of yakshagi crops, sowing, laborers and seeds ,Farmers are willing to give exemption money to the exchequer by Rs. 60,000 for other expenses currently available for purchase. End of season for crops,Prepared. Farmers want the central government to strive to get more amounts of money through banks in the yield of yakshi crops.Currency Issues have come to the peasants when issuing. All the staff went to the banks for farming expenses. Make them cashable ,It's a situation where I have to go. Most farmers in the district are cultivating cotton and peanut crops. Following the cancellation of major nodal people,Satisfied. Thus, bank staff are busy in dealing with adults and depositing cash in their accounts. The money for the farmers is 20 rupees per hourThis season, the harvesting of crops and cultivation of crops will be set up for banks to set up special counters and provide them with the money they needThere is no need. This season, bank loans are not available to farmers in time, but there is a possibility that the crops will be reduced in the crop. Farmers bank to lend cropsThe bankers are saying they are busy in dealing with the elderly because they are currently in cash transaction. Farmers cultivated in the rainy seasonThe crops were sold and traders gave checks. One side checks .. On the other hand, bank officials are unable to lend and farmers are struggling to harvest yakshi crops.

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