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Schools ... next to hookah centers ...

Hyderabad, November 27, ( centers are located next to the children's education academies in Hyderabad. These are contrary to the rules. Like 10 academic circles like hookah centers Recognize. Officials surveyed at field level identified within 100 meters. Recommendations to take action on these. Hukka centers are running up to 500 in the city. Including marijuana. Drugs are sold at the same time. Per flavor More than 250 are being charged. Students are also attracted to being very low. RecentDuring the period of police ammunition, minors were mostly caught. Collegiate students are becoming addicted to these. It's up to midnight. If the situation is the same Education department has been delayed by the prospects. The Hookah Center, located next to the academic institutions, has been written to the officials of the department. Hookah near academic institutions The Vigilance Department responded seriously to the sectors. Hookah Center, which is very close to academic institutions. According to information provided by the Education Department, hookah centers on Rit Filmed fittings. Hookah Center for removal of notices and filing notices to the administrators. Some of these are completely in residential areas vigilance The categories were taken seriously. Of the 10 centers in Hukka centers, 3 are located in residential areas, while the rest 7 centers are located in commercial and commercial complexes. The details of this case are for the time being The vigilance department is under consideration. Will they be moved or it will be in a few days. But in some areas academic institutions, in some places more academic institutions than hookah Centers went out. It is doubtful who will move on. The Vigilance Division for eliminating the need for higher educational institutions in comparison to the hookah centers Seems to be looking forward.

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