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The prices of AC, fridge and washing machines are falling

Consumer goods and essential commodities have reduced GST rates, and the central government plans to cut tax rates on consumer durables too. Related sources said that the current 28 percent tax rate on ACs, fridges and washing machines would be reduced. The key decision of the central government to raise the demand for the complaints made by the manufacturers to reduce their sales tax exceeds. A senior government official said that targeting women would be reduced to tax rates. This decision is very useful for women. In the eyes of women, the GST has also reduced rates on recent restaurants.Another key decision taken by the Center is that the electric goods and consumer durables tax rates will drop to 18 per cent. It is revealed that these are not considered as luxury goods. "If all consumer durables are covered by a single tax of 18 per cent, it is good for domestic manufacturers. Prices will fall. This will increase demand, "Deloitte India Partner MS Mani said. Last week, the government reduced the GST on 178 items in the 28% Salab. The GST has been reduced to 18 per cent on shampoos, washing powder detergent, facial makeup, chocolates, wet grinders, batteries, armpits etc. At present 28 per cent of the slab has only 50 belongings.

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