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Pawan's .. Everyday Hero . !!?

"My Every Day Hero" is a surprise to everyone who has made a tweet to Janasena and hero Pawan Kalyan. Pawan Kalyan is a god for millions of fans. He is the son of millions of fans. One such person is Pawan. That's why he tweeted my everyday hero hakim.There is no doubt about this hack. Hakim is a Bangladeshi. Pawan has given many valuable suggestions. Pavan responded, saying that if he went to London, Hakeem would turn himself around the car in London. The Bangladeshi Hakim
said that he had settled in London. He has never talked to him, but revealed the first time.He gave it a valuable advice for his political journey. Pawan said that Hakim's advice on women's protection, domestic violence and precautions for senior citizens was valuable and never forgotten.One thing that Hakim said about Gandhi was shaken by him. Pawan said he had recently visited Mecca Masjid as he was Muslim. He said that no religion encourages violence, Pavan said. Pawan said
that people who tell the truth are equal to him.

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