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Sarvadarsanam Slot policy for devotees.

Thirumala, November 28, ( is another step forward for common devotees. The slot system will be introduced to the devotees of the devotees. TDT, which is the only slogan for the special entrance and pedagogical devotees, is expected to be run by devotees from December. The Aadhaar should show correctly in order to get a ticket in the slot system, but the idiot queue compulsion can not be seen by the TTD officials. Ticket counters in Tirumala for the slot system are set up. These counters will be installed in the main square of TTD. Thirumala Jayo Srinivasa Raju said 121 counters in 14 areas are under construction and will be launched on December 2nd. Jayu Srinivasa Raju says that two months' experimental examination will be done and will be done in full scale from February.

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