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Rs 2,000 scholarship per student per year: YS Jagan.

Kurnool, November 28, ( Jagan Mohan Reddy expressed his disappointment that poor students are getting disturbed due to the delay in the release of fee-freebarsement and scholarships. The pedophile was in the process of meeting the genocide together. Some people have already stopped their studies because the government is paying Rs. 35,000 to the students who are studying engineering and other courses. YS Jagan has promised to pay Rs 20,000 scholarships to students in addition to paying the entire fee if their government comes to power. Acrea did not get four quintals of yield. If you take the little cotton to the market, there is no price above Rs 1,500 to Rs 2,000. This is the same for all cotton farmers in this area. There is no response from the government to be in a disastrous situation. This year we have not given lingerie baskets to be given on subsidies. Similar problems were also brought to my attention at the farmers meeting at Kodumuru. Not just a pump, but all the other crops. Asked whether the farmers had made a loan. There is no loan, notices, not even a little waffle interest. They also felt that the banks could not get out. The price of farmers is not all about the price of commodities. The farmers who have earned the maximum price at the time of my father are also paying for the price of the day. The chief minister is selling the interests of the farmers to the Dalits and selling them at the highest prices in his heritage stores, from farmers to lower prices. He's a profit if the crisis is in crisis. That is why farmers are not paying a price through the price stabilization fund. The neglect of these rulers and anti-farmer policies has burdened farmers to the farmer. The farmers' situation is as long as the rulers consider agriculture to be vulnerable.

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