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Varun into Congress...

New Delhi, November 28, ( Gandhi's candidacy as Congress president is nearly finalized and his election is a formality. The election will be held in December in the presidential election. Another news is also in the media. For about three and a half decades, we have heard that the families of Rajiv and Sanjay Gandhi, who are in the pedigree, are again in the back. Rahul is reported to have a meeting with Sanjay Gandhi's family. Maneka Gandhi is currently the Union Minister in BJP and her son Varun Gandhi is represented by the Sultanpur Lok Sabha seat in UP. Priyanka Gandhi has intervened to bring Varun to Congress, party sources said. Senior Congress leaders commented that Varun Gandhi's involvement was almost dead. In this case, Mother Maneka Gandhi is the final decision. In the March Assembly elections in the state of Uttar Pradesh, the BJP had won the victory over the chief minister's chairperson, but it was expected that Gorakhpur MP Yogi Adityanath was appointed CEO. The Congress alleges that the BJP was deliberately left behind by the party, Leaders say that if he joins the Congress, he will run the party together with Rahul. Sonia Gandhi's distinction is that she has disagreed with Aunt Indira, and she suspects that Varun will join Congress. Haji Jamaluddin, the Muslim leader said, "Narendra Modi does not like Modi because he says he does not care for Varun Gandhi. Senior Congress leader Manjur Ahmed said that Varun Gandhi will join Congress in the 2019 general election and will work with Rahul as a member of the working committee or office bearer. Rahul Gandhi was never directly criticized and he will join the Congress after taking over as president of the president, former city president and UPA chairperson Ram Tandon said.

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