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Roads in the villages are the swirling shipping company.

Visakhapatnam, November 27, ( in the Mandi village in the outskirts of Visakhapatnam, about 15 years ago, Shravan Shipping Company ... washed away the road. In 15 to 22/8 survey numbers There is more than 10 acres of Shravan Shipping Land. The 60-foot road, the cemetery, the Amman Temple area, the village revenue land and the Xivieri lands belong to Mandi village, adjacent to the land.However, the Shravan Shipping Company has gradually used these lands to utilize the containers and heavy vehicles of the company.Tappupadutunnaru. The road has been controversial between Srinivas Shipping and Srivan Shipping. All the villagers are on their way to the road A 60-foot road would be given to the company as an alternate alternative to the villagers. This controversy was subsequently subsided.The Shravan Shipping Company broke the two-way road and alternate road that caused the controversy. The villagers returned The movement took place. The villagers alleged that the owners of the company were harassing them with the help of the police to help Kannarra over the company's style. The villagers along with the district collector along the road In addition, several shipping companies have complained that the shipping company has occupied the land. The local MLA responded. The villagers talked with the port and the GMVC officials and the issue The company's argument on the other hand is quite different from that. It was only after the arrival of the road. If the port clears out People say a road with a seafarer is coming. Some people have been criticized for wanting to do so. Even though the government has responded to the issue,The villagers are demanding. To see how much the government and the authorities react to, wait to see.

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