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Village malls in villages.

Ananthapur, November 27, ( stores will become mini supermarkets in longer grocery stores. Ration stores change lines to provide consumers with rice, kerosene and sugar Attempts are made by the authorities. The government plans to save the dealer as well as the consumer for selling goods at ration shops for lower rates than the outer grocery shops.The Incharge collector Laxmikantam said the government had allowed the shops to sell all kinds of goods, considering price shops as 'Village Malls'. The rice and wheat supplied by the government are now coming up Steps are being taken to sell pulses, sugar, kerosene, salt, onions, soaps and other essential commodities. For some time in the joint Andhra region experimentally Citizens Department officials are taking steps to bring back the 'VillageMales' scheme. Other supplies while delivering public transport supplies to cardholders 'VillageMals' aims to sell. These malls will have the opportunity to sell all kinds of goods such as soaps, pulses, milk, oils, salt, jaggery and onion. LIC policy along with these Officers are expected to sell such as payments, small savings bonds, selphona and dish recharge. Also, the door is focused on delivery. For those who buy a large amount of money,The cargo is packed with a call and the dealer is going to go home to work. Selection of dealers who wish to sell other goods in ration shops should be examined and examined The government thinks that the goods purchased for food shops are directly from the industry. This leads to 10 to 15 percent lower prices. Then two more than outside shops.

The quality of merchandise can be given to the consumer by the customer. Some companies have come forward to distribute all kinds of goods to ration shops. This is the government's commission Dealers who are struggling to be unsuccessful will have some revenue with the sales of bankers, civil supplies and company officials. Overdraft for every cheap store Laxmikantam suggested to the bankers to give convenience. Dealers should be appointed as Business Correspondents. Thursday Department of Point-of-Sales (POS) machinery and online transactions The MPOs, APPs and APOs are to be trained at the district center.

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