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In Anantapur Differences between Brothers ...

Ananthapur, November 27, ( politics has been warmed once. Roads to be repaired ... In the end, he end of the debate was a controversy. An episode of the episode that was aimed at the Daily Serial Has become turbulent. MLA Prabhakar Chowdhary, Mayor's Appearance and Municipal Officers destroyed Kulamikheku municipal corporation, MP JC Diwakar Reddy said. Local Tilakadudu, Gandhisagar Road The indefinite fast in protest outside the office of the City Hall in protest against the delay in the expansion. If the Swayabharat is moving forward, the people here will have people drowning Vyavaharistunnarannaru. Chief Minister Chandrababu has been asked to grant Rs 60 crore for the expansion of Tilakoddu and Gandhisagar,Said. Some flakes were removed in the pedestal to abandon the effort when he announced that he would go on. JC Diwakar Reddy from his office in Gulzarpet first She rallied with the followers and reached the office of the city administration. His support has been supported by BCI, OCI, IMM, Arya Vishwa and other caste community leaders and corporators.The Collector said that the road expansion will be done. They demanded that the coup be withdrawn and he responded. The invaders have taken the bribe of the city governor's bribe to the court so far as an affidavit file Claiming he did not. The culprit, the Diwakarreddi, fell into the pulse and sugar level, the police have gone into the fast. In this order he is a fierce argument for the clergy and the police Took place. Eventually, the police took the MP and loaded it into ambulance. The followers tried to block ambulance. Then the Saptagiri circle came to the church and came down to the church.The police have taken control of them and cleared the traffic. JCC was rushed to the hospital. The doctors responded to Hyderabad when he had different heart problems.

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