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pellikala vachesinde baala ...

Hyderabad, November 25, ( the hyderabad, the wedding is started. The wedding ceremony is kicking. The hotels are filled with auspices. Gold shops and garments are invited to marry. Vedhamthantha are all saints. All of the function holes are adapted. This is what we want to say for a long time later, on the 23rd, 24th, 25th, The groom and the groom were getting ready for marriage. The couple started to marry in the towns. Many days later, the new art comes with the wedding of Hyderabad. Only four days later, the rest of the day, the wedding is the first of all to shop for shopping, bridal clubs, hotels and gold shops. Now they are kicking with people. They have a lot of demand. On the same day, there are three four weddings in the same hall. All the hotels already in Hyderabad are booked but it is true that all the hotels in Hyderabad are already filled with auspicious. Function halls are also adapted to the wedding that is going to happen. The only one in life is the marriage and the traditionally traditionally practiced rituals. There are other marriages on the side while worshiping in the temple. The good muharuras said that these three days after another ninety days are not good. This increased demand for the priests. Parents are going to be paid how much they are paid for. They pay more than two rupees where they are brought to the wedding ceremony. They say these four days are forbidden to the temples. The temple is double in the house of gold and garment shops. If you start from the month before but you can not know what the crane is. The next day, the wedding is the same as the wedding, which is still to this evening. There are only four days in this and we are still waiting for them to get rid of them from the shops. The daughter of the bride is brought directly to the shops and she is too busy to do it. These four days are more than the previous one. They are happy with the sellers. After a long time, Hyderabad takes up the former glory. These four-day muhurts marriages are beneficial for all but the common people are getting bored in the budget. Even if the mahrata is beyond 90 days they do not have a step forward.

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