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IT in Amaravathi

Guntur, November 25, ( two lakh jobs in any field is not a word. We have to do a great job to reach that target. The younger minister Nara Lokesh is currently in the process of creating skilled resources. The IT sector in Andhra Pradesh has been expanding and is working to improve the employment opportunities for the local youth. Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu, who is facing the marvelous policies of life in the pursuit of life, is working to bring all the industry forward. He is enthusiastically engaged in his vision of IT Minister Nara Lokesh. Dealing with the father, he is actively seeking to strengthen the IT sector in the state. Several companies have already come to the state due to the efforts of the young minister. Companies started employment and youth. Lokesh is planning to further expand these opportunities. Lokesh is working hard to bring the leading IT companies to the state. His suffering is good. Many companies have already got hundreds of jobs by launching their operations in Munnaravar Maidavars. With the government policies being encouraging, several companies have cue to the state. This led to the lack of a place in the Medha Towers. In this context, the government built another tower. The land pooja of the building is explained by Lokesh IT. In the state, the IT light has begun. Lokesh is moving forward with a commitment to create jobs for the IT sector in the past one year. IT park was originally launched near Vijayawada. But when TDP came to power, there was a substantial change. From 8 months, several organizations have come forward to launch their workshops. This led to thousands of jobs available. At the time of division of the state, 10 cellphones are manufactured in the country. According to Mr. Mukesh, the 'Made in Andhra' initiative made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, CM Chandrababu's 'Made in Andhra', Karbonn, Selkon and FoxScan were found in the state. Foxxan said that 12,000 women are employed and are happy to have a large scale employment for women. Two of the 10 cellphones manufactured in the country are made up of two phones in our state. The second building of the land pooja is about 4 lakh square feet. The building will be completed within six months. There are a large number of IT companies in Hyderabad as part of the state division. In Vijayawada and Vizag, there were IT companies that counted the fingers. Chief Minister Chandrababu has become a brand of industry for the industry. Aharuns are working to develop the state. Investors looking to him are interested in Navratri. IT companies are also queuing. Lokesh is also the father of the IT industry. The long term vacant Medha Towers has been a key player in bringing many IT companies within months. Visakhapatnam is in the forefront of IT in Andhra Pradesh. Minister Lokesh's appointment is to bring IT development to Visakhapatnam's leading cities in the country. This is the focus of attention on the cities of Amravati and Tirupati. Fishek, Cyber Security and Block Chain Technologies are already being developed in Visakhapatnam. A total of 4 lakh sq ft office space is available through a new IT tower built in Loksiv. 4,000 jobs will be available. Lokesh is planning to provide 30,000 jobs in Gannavaram IT park. In the last three years, the state has provided 13 thousand IT jobs. The job creation in this field has recently gained momentum. The party believes that Lokesh's arrival will soon be reached in the party and in the job itself.

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