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One of the Telugu states. For North East States?

Hyderabad, November 25, ( the person is sitting in the place wherever we are sitting, we all know that the center of the state shows the love of the love of the minds of the human being ... The division of the fulfillment of the assurances given in the division of the law at the same time in the northeastern state of Sikkim dealing in the constituency of the constituency ... Andhra for three and a half years Nalalo ruling and opposition political problem between nalugutonna seriously. Following the division according to Section 26 of the Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Act, along with Andhra Pradesh, the newly formed Telangana state also promised to increase assembly seats. Political parties in both states have been put on hold. Almost three years after this, along with the AP CM, Telangana Chief Minister also consulted with the Center. But the result is nothing. Initially, here it is, and then abbey, and then the law will not agree. The Constitution of India is the same in the federal structure of any state in the country. The newly formed Telugu States also utilized the provisions of Article 2,3,4 and promised to increase the constituencies by dividing the law. However, according to the law of the People's Republic of China, there is no possibility of reorganization of the constituencies until 2026. After the division, the two states have come up with one pearl that is only an increase in the assembly constituencies. Earlier, Home Minister Rajnath Singh also made statements to file a file note. At the same time, the fact that the BJP is politically advantageous is not an advantage for the Assembly segments, it has begun to decline. The Center is arguing that it will be anywhere in the country to reorganize the factions. The Home Ministry is preparing to increase the Sikkim assembly seats ... The terms applicable to the state of the States will not apply to the northeastern state ... The home ministry hopes to increase assembly seats in the northeastern state of Sikkim. With the alliance, Assembly elections are going to be shortened soon. Sikkim is currently working to increase the existing 32 seats in the state to 40. This is the first time that Sikkim assembly seats have been established since the merger of the Indian Territory in 1975. Linguo, identified as tribals in Sikkim by the seat hike, allows Tamang to enter legislative assemblies for castes. Since 2003, these two castes have been identified as STs. The Center hopes to allocate five seats in the 8th position which will soon be raised. There are 12 seats in Bhutia, Lepcha, two seats in the present Sikkim, one community and 17 general seats. According to the constitution, the STs will have to be assigned seats according to the population. Bhutia and Lepchas are not the STs, but they are allocating seats to the political deal with the Sikkim king in 1973. But the Limbong, the Tamang community came to the Supreme Court a few years ago. On January 4, 2016, the Home Department was ordered to take appropriate action. However, the proposal is pending at the Union ministry and the amendment to the Public Representative Act will be amended. According to the reorganization legislation of the constituencies, any constituency in the country would have to be done based on the next census of 2026. No courts can challenge the final judgment of the Central Limitations Commission. The judiciary, however, said that due to special political situation during Sikkim's merger, the constituency could make changes in the constituencies. In addition to the 12 seats allocated to Bhutia and Lepcha categories, there is a demand that there should be no change for the Sangh community. In Bhutia-Lepcha, the concept of a cut in the seats that they have received in the Assembly's 2009 resolution. There is a concern that they will lose political influence if they do not increase seats. With the reservation of five seats to Lingu and Tamang caste, reservation for Bhutia, Lepcha, SCs and Communities has been decided to give three additional seats to others. If all goes well, the Sikkim assembly seat will soon be a sign of hike. Sikkim situation is well. What's more about the Telugu states? Who will answer this question ... Can it be possible to reorganize the constituencies in 2019? The Assembly seat hike in the Telugu states is based on the ideology of the center. In the AP, 175 Assembly seats will be increased to 225, while Telangana will have 119 seats at 153, which is based on the Central Government's commitment. The Center is deliberately intentionally intensifying the issue of hiring constituencies that are included in section 26 of the AP Reorganization Act. The Center has argued that it is not possible to increase the constituencies according to Article 170. At the same time, judges say there is no possibility of interrogating state legislation of Article 2,3,4 by Article 170. Under the terms of the Sikkim merger, why not implement the guarantees in a state that is legally established when reservation can be done in Assembly seats.

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