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Literary wealth in Telugu

Hyderabad, November 24, ( sector is preparing for global Telugu Conferences. With the forgetfulness of our Telugu years names, festivals, names of months, the decision of the Telugu Conference, which has been forgotten as our sacrament, is a good thing in the future. The books of such education should be discussed in the Telugu Conference if they are good books, such as big birthday books. The conventions of values ​​in Telugu should also be discussed. Thousands of literary figures from all over the country and abroad will come to this conference. Hyderabad is the venue for the entire Indian state of Hyderabad - Bhagyanagar. With festive and welcoming entrances we are going to see the festive atmosphere. It is good to have a film or a non-movie poster. Unlike anybody in this program, the importance of the industry should be important. With the coordination of all the concerned departments, all the work is done without any deficit as there is absolute cooperation in the state government. This is going to be a memorable sweetheart. There is no exaggeration in the stroke of Telugu cinema. Many review meetings and preparatory meetings are continuously going on in the preceding sessions under the auspices of the State Government Sahitya Akademi, in the manner of Namboodu-Nabhavishti. It is a specialization of the state Chief Minister of Kerala Kalvakuntla Chandrasekhar Rao to conduct some preparatory meetings. These are all to show that all the attendees are always going to be reminded that no one is going to make any mistake, no one is showing the organizers. As literary service has been a year old, it is possible to tell the world how great the Telangana is. In this state, we are going to be honored to be a great writer. All these people are aware that the literary wealth of Telangana Telugu is going to be explained to the world. These sessions will be a platform to explore all the literature of the literary evolution in the context of the evolving evolution of the language, the social evolution. The rich literary processes of scholars and philanthropists come to the discussion. On the songwriting processes of the modern era, debate on the songs sung by people, cinematographs, and more on the basis of literary processes. The name of Telangana people is very well known for the Telugu Convention. This is a great opportunity for the unity of the Telangana Tamils ​​to literary world. The conventions will help facilitate the dissolution of Telangana literature by many of the Telangana scholars, poets, writers, journalists and publishers. This is the best way to proceed with the convention only with the conventions. There is no owner of language ... linguists who learn. Telangana is another Telugu speaking state after Andhra Pradesh. Many will come from there too. There are also many famous poets and writers from that area. There may also be discussion on the writings of horse johu and jaundhala papayagi. In addition, the slander should not come to call them and insult them. If not, let's sit down and tell our talents. There is no need to lose patience towards the Andhra in the management of the House. Whether anyone said or talked to someone else, I heard Telangana along with the Tharavallu! That is why we do not lose our Sacraments on the one side of the management of the House and on the other hand they have to deal with any kind of organizational responsibilities and privileges. Under the circumstances, the leadership of Telangana should be managed and presided over. Hundreds of hundred per cent can only be praised. We have to prove that talents are ours. On the one hand we have to tell our talent and, on the other hand, without any embarrassment, acting with a sense of pride and grace, The neighboring state does not make a mistake in respecting them. We should also be honest with them.
 With the growth of the number of studios and doses, Telangana has become the largest film making film in India. The reason for this is the Hyderabad city of studios, its proximity to various cities in the country. For many reasons, the film industry is trying to move the film industry from Hyderabad. If Telangana Government is cooperating fully, Hyderabad becomes a cine hub to India. In this context, the issues related to Telugu cinematics should be played in Telugu Conferences. It is good to have a film or a non-movie poster. Unlike anybody in this program, the importance of the industry should be important.

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